Official N42PA Tournament Rules (In Full)

N42PA Bylaws

Tournament of Champions Winners since 2005

National 42 Players Association Rules (Summarized)

I can't define pornography, but I know it when I see it. - Potter Stewart

So to paraphrase the Supreme Court Justice, "We don't know how to define 'cheating', but we know it when we see it."

Basically indicating is considered "ok" since the tile played is during the game and visible to all players (i.e. the play of the 5:1 tile when the bidder is fishing trumps, you are void, and can play anything tells your partner AND THE OTHER TEAM that you probably have the 5:5"). But anything that clues your partner into the contents of your hand BEFORE bidding is completed is considered bad form by the N42PA. Please do not engage in prompt bidding or similar practices to convey to your partner what suit you are strong in or doubles you may be holding.

There is an online class covering the basic zero to hero 42 rules at (class code is:mz26l5). Note that the l in the code is little l and not the number 1 or capital I. One other quick note on the class is to use a basic gmail account to access it (corporate or school accounts will use the version of classroom that has silos for those organizations instead of using the public classes which this is).

42 is a social game and is meant to be fun. People get pretty hacked when they pay $40 to play in a winner take all tournament and some teams are prompt bidding. So we know that this is a strategy that can be employed. Please don't do it.

Standard N42PA Santioned Tournament Rules:
  • Draw for shake (high domino wins)
  • Bid starts to the left of the shaker. Minumum bid is 30.
  • Max initial bid is 2 marks. Max hypothetical bid is 5 marks (2 mark initial, 3 mark overbid, 4 mark overbid, 5 mark final bid)
  • 8 suits can be called trumps (Blanks, Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives, Sixes, and Doubles)
  • Follow me or NO TRUMP is a valid trump call (high domino of led suit wins the trick)
  • Winning bidder calls trump (or no trump) and leads the first domino.
  • No force bid so everybody can pass and the shake shifts to the next shaker.
  • You can ask what is trump if the winning bidder was not clear in stating it on the first throw. After that this cannot be asked.
  • Do not touch the dominoes after you draw and orient them (4:3 or 3:4). Sit on your hands. Look twice, touch once.
  • If you touch a domino, you must play that domino. If a domino is knocked over you place it face up and play it at the next possible opportunity.
  • No Nelo, Sevens, Splash, Plunge, or other variants are permitted at sanctioned N42PA tournaments.