Hark, the documented list of winners of the N42PA Tournament of Champions

2018: Eric Alzafari and Chris Welsh

2017: Zach Bimslayer and Dave Reed

2016: Mark Tinsley and Jim Osina

2015: Charles Putegnat and Shiela Rutherford

2014: Aaron Kuntschik and Gary Anderson

2013: Leslie Houston and Terry Pogue

2012: Lacye Comer and Kole Kopnicky

2011: Aaron Kuntschik and Darrell Morgan

2010: David Roberts and Jody Badum

2009: Glenn Summers & Edmon Garrett

2008: David Roberts and Darci Fisher

2007: Glenn Summers and Louis Graves

2006: John Perkins and Scott Stigers

2005: David Roberts and Tim Lewelling